• Property Exclusions

  • What if the property I am inquiring about is NOT on mantreo.com?
  • Contact mortgage customer service at 1-800-724-2440.
  • Property Details

  • Who is the agent and/or what is the description of the property?
  • Click on the picture for further information.
  • How to Receive Property Updates

  • Can M&T Bank send me alerts on new or updated properties?
  • Yes! Sign up for updates by registering with the website. First, click the "Register" link on the top right of the homepage, enter your email address, choose a password, and then select the state and listing type(s) you are interested in. Every time a property is added or updated in your selected area(s), you will receive an email from M&T Bank.
  • M&T Financing

  • Who can I contact for financing information?
  • Please visit your local M&T Bank branch or call 1-800-287-1314.
  • Bulk Properties

  • Does M&T Bank sell properties in bulk?
  • No. M&T Bank sells properties on an individual basis through a local realtor. M&T Bank does not sell promissory notes secured by a mortgage or deed of trust. All available properties are posted on www.mandtreo.com.
  • REO

  • What is REO?
  • REO stands for Real Estate Owned. If no one outbids M&T Bank at a foreclosure auction, then the ownership of a property transfers to the bank. REO properties are sold as is, where is. M&T Bank uses its own purchase and sale contract.
  • Becoming an REO Agent for M&T Bank

  • How do I become an agent for M&T Bank?
  • M&T Bank uses a REO management company called Pyramid. If you are interested in becoming an agent, please sign up at www.pyramidplatform.com to be added to their database. If we are in need of a real estate agent in your area, an asset manager from M&T Bank will be in contact with you to perform an in depth phone interview. Please refrain from continually asking for property listings, as we will reach out to you.
  • Property Preservation Services for M&T Bank

  • How do I become a property preservation vendor for M&T Bank?
  • M&T Bank uses Safeguard Properties for the majority of property preservation services. If you are not signed up with them currently, you may wish to contact the company directly. Please visit www.safeguardproperties.com

    In some instances, M&T Bank does allow real estate agents to assign some work as well. You can contact the listing agent assigned to a property in your area to inquire about providing these services to them.