Grow your business and earn a FAST $2,500, $5,000, and maybe more!*
Join M&T’s Foreclosure Auction Sales Team!

Find a buyer to purchase a property at one of M&T Bank’s foreclosure auctions and earn $2,500!  Register potential buyers for multiple properties nationwide and increase your chances at earning even more!

This offer is only available to licensed Real Estate Brokers and Agents and licensed attorneys, for properties listed in the Foreclosure section of this site.

Register as a Real Estate Agent if you have not already done so, or keep reading to find out more about this unique opportunity.

What is a foreclosure auction?

If you are unfamiliar with a foreclosure auction, M&T Bank does not yet own these properties.  The auctions typically take place at a sheriff’s office or county court house.  These are live auctions in which the buyer needs to be present.  As procedures are different throughout the country, contact your local courthouse to find out how they work where you bid.

How the FAST$2500 program works

If you register someone that buys this property at M&T Bank’s Foreclosure Auction, you will earn income before it becomes an REO property. This opens up a nationwide market for you and your clients, since there are no assigned Real Estate Agents or listing contracts!

M&T Bank’s Foreclosure Auction Sales Team (FAST) is designed to help real estate professionals interested in:

  • Earning a FAST $2,500*
  • Growing your business in new and expanding markets
  • Marketing foreclosure properties before they become REO listings
  • Giving your investors and clients an edge bidding at foreclosure auctions by presenting innovative marketing strategies

If you think that you will wait until this property is listed to notify your clients so that you can earn a higher commission, keep in mind that:

  • There is no guarantee the house will ever be listed by M&T
  • There is no guarantee that you will get the listing, or that your buyer’s offer will be accepted. Unlike an REO or Short Sale offer, if they are the highest bidder at the foreclosure auction, approval from the lender or MI is not needed!
  • Since no Real Estate Agent commission is paid at the foreclosure auction, the list price might be higher than the foreclosure auction price, putting the house out of your buyer’s price range
  • There will be a larger pool of buyers once it is listed on the MLS, creating more competition
  • You may have clients that are interested in properties in other states and this is a great way for them to get a good deal on a property

To get started:

  • Register as a Real Estate Agent on this site
  • Go to the Foreclosure section of this site and find properties you think your clients will be interested in
  • Provide a hard copy of the $500 Visa Offer or send the link to your client list from the individual property detail page.  This link provides your clients with valuable information about the property, including the highest amount that M&T Bank will bid on that property.  It also explains to them how they can earn a $500 Visa Gift Card if they are the successful bidder at the foreclosure auction.
  • If any one or a number of your buyers advise they might go to the auction, register them by following the instructions provided in the Register Buyers (Realtors Only) link located on the individual property detail page.
  • If one of the clients you registered is the highest bidder and they close on the sale, M&T Bank will send you a check for $2,500 once the closing with your client is confirmed.

It is really this easy!

If you have any questions, please Contact Us and choose FAST$2500 subject, or call us at 888-859-1846.

*Rules and restrictions:

  • If sale is not completed for any reason, $2,500 will not be paid.
  • If buyer’s name appears on more than one list for a property, the list that was provided to M&T first will receive the $2,500.
  • All decisions made by M&T management are final.
  • Pay­ment of the $2,500 is subject to applicable income reporting. Payment only available to licensed Realtors and attorneys and may not be paid when immediate family members are purchasers.
  • Limit one $2,500 payment per property.
  • Information provided is believed to be accurate but is not guaranteed, does not constitute an offer or sale and is provided on an “as is” basis without any warranty as to accuracy of any kind.
  • Program subject to change or discontinuation without notice.
  • This offer is not available if a successful winning bid is less than $3000.00.